Small Things

“THEY KNEW THERE was nowhere for them to go. They had nothing. No future. So they stuck to small things. They laughed at the ant-bites on each other’s bottoms. At clumsy caterpillars sliding off the ends of leaves. At overturned beetles that couldn’t right themselves…at a particularly devout preying mantis.”
                                             From The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

I love this quote by Indian Author Arundhati Roy. Whilst in many ways it is not at all fitting to the children supported by Salaam Balaak Trust (SBT) who do have something, somewhere to go,  bright futures. In another sense, it fits perfectly. At least it fits with a small moment I shared with some children attending the mobile school yesterday, whose energy and enthusiasm for singing, dancing, photography and the simple pleasure of jumping, startled me out of heat-induced huffiness. This month, I have a lot to learn; I only hope I also have something to give.

~ Words and photos by Alice.

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